Streaming Content License Agreement

Subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Lens Distortions grants you, by licensing a product or piece of music, limited law and license, non-exclusive, non-transferable, global, to modify and use digital content in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the corresponding product license or music license. If we ask you to provide additional information about your titles or subscriptions, for example. B information that confirms that you have all the rights necessary to allow our titles or subscription to be broadcast, you will immediately provide the requested information, while realizing that your content may only be made available if there is proof of the rights. You allow us to make, directly or through third parties, any requests that we deem appropriate to verify your rights, in order to allow our distribution of titles or subscriptions and the accuracy of the information or documents you provide to us with respect to these rights. Without limitation of the above, you recognize that Amazon (i) can provide the service through websites, applications, device interfaces, third-party platforms and other online platforms or points of presence that are now known or developed below; (ii) those authorized by digital purchase, Digital Rental, Non-Transactional Access and Ad-supported Access to audio-visual content have the right to access such content through streaming, download and any other digital distribution means currently known or developed below, in order to view online or offline on any device supported by the service, and (iii) to provide audiovisual content on the service via all means currently known or developed below (including, unrestricted, cable, cable, fiber optic, satellite, wireless and/or mobile). The value of the content Netflix held in its books at the end of 2019. Online entertainment companies typically rely on advertising or a subscription model or a combination of these services to support their activities. For example, Hulus` basic plan combines advertising and subscription fees, although customers can also pay more for viewing. Netflix has opted for a business model based solely on subscription revenues. It offers three price levels that allow customers to access exclusive and non-exclusive television shows and films that the company has either produced itself or licensed by the content owner. The content provider authorizes Amazon to otherwise provide and use delivery materials previously provided by Amazon or its companies linked by a content provider or a third party to Amazon or its related companies in order to exercise express and random rights under this securities agreement and (ii) for supplies provided by the content provider under this agreement, in order to exercise rights granted to Amazon with respect to subsequent ownership.

If supplies have previously been delivered to Amazon by a third party, the content provider will solicit all necessary shares from those third parties (if any) on Amazon`s behalf and/or do its best to help Amazon obtain the necessary permissions for Amazon to use the supplies previously delivered.