Aca Sfa 2012 Aca Standard Form Of Agreement For The Appointment Of An Architect

7 Calendar 2: Services intended to be run by Normal Architecture Services are included, unless they are removed. Check the corresponding boxes for the provision of alternative services. D7A Provide information to other consultants for the preparation of whistleblowers who accompany all planning applications or D7B provision statements to accompany any planning applications. C1 C1 C2 C3 – C4A – C4B C5 Concept Design Advising the customer on his tasks in accordance with cdm regulations. Analyze client requirements and develop a concept project (including the general arrangement of key elements and conceptual proposals for structural and building service systems and a materials calendar). Provide information to discuss and integrate proposals with other consultants. Give other advisors information to prepare for a reconciliation of construction costs or prepare a reconciliation of construction costs. Check the proposed route of purchase. E1 E2 – E3A – E3B E4 Technical design Technical design Preparation of technical design (sufficient to prepare components and project elements and information for legal standards and construction safety) from the developed design approved. Provide information, discuss proposals with and integrate contributions from other advisors into the project. Give other consultants information to review the construction cost estimate or revise the construction cost estimate. Submit the technical design with the type of design, materials and appearance for customer approval.

C6 Transmit the concept project for the customer`s agreement. PRE-CONSTRUCTION D Design developed F Production Information D1 D2 – D3A – D3B D4 Preparation of a developed design (showing spatial arrangements and other design elements relevant to the type of design application envisaged, as well as cutting specifications) from the approved concept project. Provide information, discuss proposals with other consultants and include in the developed project. Give information to other consultants for estimating construction costs or make an estimate of construction costs. Prepare a preliminary schedule for the project. F1 – F2A – F2B F3 F4 Preparation of production information (including subscription information and specifications sufficient to receive offers).