What Is The Agreement Between God And The Israelites

God built the mosaic covenant shortly after a great development took place in Gen 15: the emancipation of Abraham`s descendants from oppression in a foreign country (cf. Gen 15, 13-14); Exod 19:4-6; 20:2). Sinai focuses less on what the descendants of Abraham must do to inherit the country than on how they should behave in the country as the one nation that God wanted to be (Exodus 19:5-6). To be the „property of the treasure“ of God, „kingdom of priests“ and „holy nation“ (Exodus 19:5-6), I was pleased with your comments from above, however, there are many scripture passages that have been written that must be locked up to learn to get out of what my FATHER does: here are only a few gal 3:19-1. Co 15:12-54-Heb 9:26- Rev.1:4-6.8– And verce 9 that this man must have a brother named John –Matt, 22:42-45 The man they called Jesus said this, even in Matthew 16:20 he said that he was not Christ: we must all ask these questions, and then seek the Holy Scriptures according to the answers: I have this man whom they took for Jesus , who was Christ John, and Jesus never had a brother named John. But the true Christ does, and he will die again, then death will no longer be off.19:12-13, and if he is on this earth, he will fully fulfill what Paul in 2. I said so. Cor 3-6 and the only place in the scriptures that will tell us what his name is in the Ot, and his eldest son will be called David, and his youngest will be called Jesus; And this man will be called Messiah or Christ, when Moses ascended to God, and the Lord called him from the mountain, and said 4 You will say this to the descendants of Jacob, and you will say to the people of Israel: 4 You have seen what I have done to Egypt, and how I have carried you on the wings of the eagle, and you have brought it to me. (I) 5 Now, if you obey fully and have my covenant, then you of all nations will be my precious possessions. 6 You will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy people. These are the words you will say to the Israelis. Noah`s Covenant [Gen 9:1-17] applies to all humanity and all other living beings. [9] In this covenant with all living beings, God promises never to destroy all life on earth again by the flood[9:11] and creates the rainbow as a sign of this „eternal covenant between God and every living creature of every flesh that is on earth.“ [9:12–17] Christians see Jesus as the mediator of this new covenant, and that his blood shed at his crucifixion is the necessary blood of the covenant: as in all the covenants between God and man described in the Bible, the New Covenant is considered „a bond in the blood that is sovereignly managed by God.“ [23] It has been theorized that the New Covenant is the Law of Christ, as was said in his Sermon on the Mountain.

[24] It should be clear why God`s covenants could not be negotiated between equal parties. God is the Creator, and we are His creation. Our well-being depends on his love and favor. The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines the theological use of Confederation as „an agreement that creates a relationship of engagement between God and his people.“ „You saw what I did to the Egyptians and how I pierced you on the wings of the eagle and brought it to me. Now, if you obey my voice and share my covenant, you will be my possession of all peoples. The whole earth is mine, but you will be for me a priestly kingdom and a holy people. These are the words you will say to the Israelis“ (Exodus 19:4-6). Jesus exercises not only a permanent, perfect and heavenly priesthood (Heb 7:23-8:6), but the covenant, Of which he is the mediator, „is founded by better promises“ (He 8, 6b), declared in the form of „eternal redemption“ (9,12) and an „eternal inheritance“ (9,15), which is protected by the blood of Christ (He 9, 11-10, 18), and later described as „Heb of the Eternal Covenant“ (13:20).