Akamai Service Level Agreement

json – „estimatedAvailabilityPercentage“: 1, „originTestErrors“: [ » „agentName“: „Frankfurt, Deutschland“, „agentIp“: „“, „time“: „2016-03-09T03:29:25Z“ Deutschland“, „agentIp“: „“, „time“: „2016-03-09T08:20:11Z“, „agentName“: „Paris, Frankreich“, „agentIp“: „“, „time“: „2016-03-09T09:31:37Z“ „akamaiTestErrors“: [ » „agentName“: „Frankfurt, Deutschland“, „agentIp“: „“, „time“: „2016-03-09T03 „Berlin, Deutschland“, „agentIp“: „“, „time“: „2016-03-09 T08:20:11Z“ , „agentName“: „Paris, Frankreich“, „agentIp“: „“, „time“: „2016-03-09T09:31:37Z“ ] – – Daten [Daten] Fügen Sie das performanceSlaTarget-Mitglied ein, wenn Sie eine Referenzzeile im Leistungsbericht-Diagramm auf der im SLA angegebenen Zielleistungsebene hinzufügen möchten. This serves as a visual aid for the interpretation of the diagram. You have access at all times to a permanent team that provides cloud services and first-class support. The team consists of a globally distributed staff, with extensive professional experience and advanced degrees. Our technical support is customer-oriented to ensure that you always have access to a competent advisor who can solve all technical content and application issues. The following item is returned by both originalTestErrors and akamaiTestErrs members. The SLA API provides scheduled access to SLA test configurations and the resulting reports. The slaTestIds setting is a chain separated by commas of slaTestId values. Shows the results of the performance test for the specified date range. Each element of the file contains aggregated performance data for a calendar day. . Run a GET on /sla-api/v1/tests to return a list of all the tests you can use.

Devops Readiness with Akamai Professional Services Speed up your introduction akamai DevOps with reliable and expert instructions Get the slaTestId for the test you want to retrieve. Returns a table of performance test results performed during the specified period. This action requires three parameters: Create a test object for this slaTestId. Each member must be valid. Send original tests in the name of origin: Use the original name in testDetails.originUrl and leave yourself to originDnsHostnameOverride.